Huancaya and Vilca

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Huancaya and Vilca are located on the banks of the river Cañete in the province of Yauyos, are undoubtedly one of the places with more scenic beauty in all of Peru, very characteristic for its endless chains of waterfalls with its beautiful turquoise green lagoons and emerald, which create a truly amazing landscape contrast.

Join us in this incredible adventure and take the best experiences of this beautiful place, we have developed packages with the modality “ALL INCLUDED”, dont worry abouth nothing , we will make everything perfect for you.

✔️✔️✔️ Complete tourist circuit in Huancaya and Vilca includes:

⭐️ Private transportation Lima – Huancaya – Vilca – Lima.
⭐️ Full feeding for 2 days: 2 breakfasts +2 lunches + 1 dinner.
⭐️ One night of lodging, located in double, triple, matrimonial, quadruple rooms (rooms with private bathroom, hot water and TV).

🚩 we will Visit to the viewpoints: Carhuayno and Huachacaca in Huancaya.
🚩 Guided walk to the viewpoints of San Cristóbal and Cantagallo in Vilca.
🚩 We will travel the route of the lagoons: Huallhua, Chuchupasca, Huascacocha, Papacocha and Piquecocha.
🚩 We will visit: Cabracancha waterfalls, Calyancanto-style Colonial Bridge, Carhuayno Waterfalls and Pucacha Waterfalls.
🚩 Guided walk to the Forest of love (optional).
🚩 we will Visit to the Huancaya Museum.

⭐️ Boat ride in the Laguna de Huallhua. ⭐️ Campfire of confraternity (myths, legends, stories). ⭐️ Admission tickets. ⭐️ Individual and group memory photos (taken with a semi-professional camera). ⭐️ Personalized assistance during the travel. ⭐️ First aid kit (basic). ⭐️ Kayak ride for the more adventurous. ⭐️ Trout sport fishing at the foot of the waterfalls. ⭐️ New: Quad bike (Extra cost of $4 USD per person).

Adventure And Beauty Landscapes In The Andes of Lima

⭐⭐⭐ You are with the Specialists ⭐⭐⭐

Travel itinerary

😊 This travel is two days 😊

9:30 PM - First Meeting Point (Day 0)
Meeting in Calle Comercio with Av. Aviación (A Behind the Museo de la Nación) San Borja. Next to la estación de la cultura.
10:15 PM - Second Meeting Point (Day 0)
At the N ° 10 gate of the Ricardo Palma University (at the junction of the Panamericana Sur with Av. Benavides).
1:00 AM - Third Meeting Point (Day 0)
On Cañete (for tourists who comes from Chincha, Pisco, Ica, Nazca)
5:45 AM - Arrival in Huancaya (Day 1)
We will arrive in the lodgings
08:30 AM - We will enjoy our breakfast (Day 1)
09:30 AM - We will begin our journey (Day 1)
we will see the landscapes of Carhuayno and the beautiful mirrors of water on the way to the town of Vilca appreciating the beauty of the lagoons of: Huallhua, Chuchupasca, Huascacocha. We will also observe the mountain tutelary of the Hatum Yauyos, the snow-covered of Pariacaca and we will make the respective stops to take the best photos.
10:30 AM - Once in the Vilca community there will be a guided visit to the following points: (Day 1)
Mirador de San Cristóbal and Mirador de Cantagallo from where we will have a panoramic view of the Papacocha lagoon and the forest of love
 12:30 pm - We will start City tour in Vilca (Day 1)
We will learn about the history of the 8 martyrs Park and the inn of former President Alberto Fujimori.
01:00 PM - We will visit : (Day 1)
The Centennial Bridge and the Pucacha waterfalls and we will then head towards the Bosque del Amor and the Cascadas del Edén.
03:30 PM - Typical lunch in the area (Day 1)
07:00 PM - We will visit : (Day 1)
The village museum to appreciate the cultural and artistic manifestations of the old settlers: Mummified remains, ceramics and textiles found in the outskirts of the town, then we will make a tour through the murals of the town where we will know the culture of Huancaya .
08:00 PM - Dinner time (Day 1)
9:00 PM - We will be enjoying : (Day 1)
A campfire of confraternity with all the participants of the tour that they will tasting a typical drink of Huancaya (Chamis or Calientito), in turn we will know the history s, myths and legends that surround Huancaya.
07:30 AM - Breakfast (Day 2)
08:30 AM - The second day of Huancaya tour will begin with the visit : (Day 2)
– Plaza de Armas of the district of Huancaya with the monument to the Trout. – Viewpoint of the hanging bridge, suitable for taking the best photos. – Cascades of Cabracancha. – Colonial bridge of calicanto.
09:30 AM - We will visit : (Day 2)
The Mirador de Carhuayno with views of the Ampy and Quiriano Valley, where we can appreciate a panoramic view of waterfalls that bear the same name.
10:30 AM - We will visit: (Day 2)
We will head towards the Huallhua lagoon to enjoy the boat ride (you can appreciate a majestic view of the waterfalls surrounded by a diverse flora and fauna located at 3550 meters above sea level).
11:15 AM - We will visit: (Day 2)
A pleasant and adventurous walk will begin at the foot of the waterfalls in Carhuayno. We will walk next to the river Cañete surrounded by unique landscapes (level of the walk is basic – moderate).
12:00 PM - In a private lagoon for our tour we will initiate the exclusive activities just for MIWAYKI CUSTOMERS: (Day 2)
⭐ Trout fishing practice. ⭐ Kayak or boat ride.
01:30 PM - We will enjoy our farewell lunch (Day 2)
02:30 PM - Free time (Day 2)
Will be provided free time for the purchase of souvenirs (key rings, chullos, handicrafts, etc.) And some local products (cheese, honey, trout, etc).
03:00 PM - We will start to return to Lima (Day 2)
03:30 PM- To finish we will have the visit of the Piquecocha Lagoon located in the Vitis district.(Day 2)
10:00 PM - We will arrive at Lima (Day 2)
The end of the travel

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October 2019
“Super beautiful, well done! If you are looking for a magical and romantic place then this is a great place to go! I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a good adventure!”
Ali McBeth


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